Feelings of FUJIWARA

Enjoying your own hands, unfinished "living art" "Bonsai"
filled with Japanese aesthetic sense.

A bonsai that expresses the landscape spreading
in the natural world in a single bowl by condensing and shrinking it,
raising and appreciating it. Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art,
and it is widely known abroad as "Bonsai".

Imagine a story spreading in a bowl,
I felt the four seasons from green leaves in summer,
red leaves in autumn.

Finding joy and beauty in these things,
the delicate sensibility of the Japanese
who has a heart of love is It is the world called "Bonsai".


"Bonsai" is a work of art that creates magnificent
natural scenery in a small bowl.
Unlike static paintings and sculptures, bonsai passes through the four seasons,
You can feel the beautiful change that nature weaves and the heartbeat of life.
In the case of Moreover, even if it sees worldwide,
the evaluation of "Bonsai" is very high,
In the United States, Spain, France
there are specialized magazines issuing tens of thousands of copies,
In Italy there are also bonsai universities and art museums.

"Bonsai is said to be a mirror reflecting oneself.
" Although I do not notice my faults easily,
You can not turn your eyes away
from the shape of a bonsai in front of you.
In the case of A powerful figure, a beautiful figure, a sloppiness,
a lack of energy, Everything reflects itself.
By looking back at such a figure,
Bonsai and myself can grow as well.

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